Journal Club

Scientists and doctors often have regular meetings to discuss research articles or scientific papers as a way of staying up to date in their field of work. These meetings are often referred to as “journal clubs.” The Next Step Science Journal Club materials enable you to use the journal club format to introduce students to scientific content and increase their ability to comprehend and communicate scientific concepts.

The Journal Club can be used in class or to start an after-school, or lunch period, club of interested students.

Journal Club: Concussions 

Lesson writing prompt:
Many athletic organizations and schools are considering limiting the level of aggressive play in younger players, over concerns about head injuries. If you were an athletic director, for a school district in your state or nation, at what age would you allow body checking in hockey or tackling in football? Explain your reasoning referring to data from the article.

Journal Club: Gene Editing  

Lesson writing prompt:
Some people consider genetic editing unethical. All powerful tools can be used for good or for bad. Do you think it is ethical for scientists and physicians to genetically edit a disease?  Explain your reasoning.

Journal Club: Vaccines 

Lesson writing prompt:  
Some countries find it easier than others to run successful vaccination programs (to get the vaccine to all of the ‘target’ children). What factors might make it difficult for a country to run a successful vaccination program?

Journal Club: Vaping 

Lesson writing prompt:
The article mentions that some doctors are recommending vaping as a way to help patients quit smoking. Do you believe this is the best recommendation? Use information from the article to explain and support your reasoning.