Michael Astrachan

MIchael Astrachan

Mike is the Founder and President of XVIVO Scientific Animation, who collaborated with the VMP to create our lesson animations. Mike told the VMP about his career and how he first became interested in combining science with art as a middle school student.


How did you get your training?

I was a classically trained artist. I have been an illustrator, airbrush artist, and fine artist. The scientific side of my career was learned through years of work experience.

How did you first become interested in combining science with your work in the arts?

I have been combining science and fine arts ever since I was in middle school. Back then I was creating illustrations and super 8 animated stop motion movies for extra credit!

What were your favorite classes in school and why?

Always art and science! Art because I loved to draw and make things up. Science because I have always been fascinated about how the universe works.

What advice do you have for students interested in a career combining science and the arts?

If you are interested in the visual side of science, then I would recommend a career in medical illustration and medical media. Check out The Association of Medical Illustrators for more information!

What is your favorite part of your job?

Creating things that have never been seen before. If you want to see some samples of that, check out the XVIVO website.