Ajit Johal

Ajit Johal headshot

Ajit joined his family business after earning his pharmacy degree. His area of interest is in clinical pharmacy services, specifically immunization assessment and administration. In 2018, he started an organization called immunize.io, with a mission statement of "taking our best shot at immunizing the world." Through immunize.io, Ajit has worked with numerous organizations and communities to address vaccine hesitancy and improve access to vaccinations. Ajit is also a clinical instructor for the University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Program.


How did you first become interested in science?

I became interested in science in grade 9, when in Canada the periodic table and basic molecular bonding is introduced. It really gave me a great understanding of how and why things in the world around us behaved the way they do. 

Who is your science hero?

Dr. Paul Offit for a relentless dedication to vaccine advocacy, dissemination of evidence-based literature and the fight against misinformation. Frontline healthcare providers make a meaningful difference in encouraging patients to make positive choices for their health. It takes a real hero to not only do this in practice but to take the time to educate the public and stand up against bad information. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

Educating patients on recommended vaccinations and being able to mitigate their risk from vaccine-preventable diseases by administering safe and effective immunizations. 

What advice do you have for students interested in a STEM career?

“The easy way becomes the hard way, and the hard way becomes the easy way.” Very sound advice from a colleague which sums up a career in STEM. Science can be challenging and frustrating, especially in one’s early educational years. Trust that your investment to learn and master the subject matter will illuminate a path where you can explore and pursue your true passion.

What current scientific discovery or project are you most excited about?

The use of mRNA technology for vaccines and therapeutics.