June 07, 2019

Vax Facts Friday 6.7.19

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Q: What annual sporting event was cancelled as a result of the 1919 influenza pandemic?

A. The World Series
B. The Stanley Cup
C. The NBA Finals
D. Wimbledon

The correct answer is B. The Stanley Cup

The final game in the 1919 Stanley Cup Finals was cancelled after the coach and multiple players of the Montreal Canadiens were hospitalized with influenza. After both the Canadiens and Seattle Metropolitans won two games and tied the fifth game, the sixth game was supposed to determine the winner of the cup. Because the coach of the Canadiens couldn’t put a full team on the ice for the last game, he forfeited; however, the coach of the Metropolitans refused to accept the forfeit. As a result, no winner was declared for the 1919 Stanley Cup Finals.

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