HILLEMAN Receives Rave Reviews at NH Conference

The New Hampshire Immunization Program held an annual conference for Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, school nurses, pharmacists, health educators, medical assistants, medical and nursing students, practice managers, child care providers, and other public health and health care professionals interested in updating their knowledge and skills on immunization strategies and patient communication. The Hilleman film received rave reviews from conference coordinators and attendees:

“Showing the Hilleman Documentary at our Annual Immunization Conference was truly a highlight of our conference.  The buzz it created throughout the day and well after the conference was a testament to its creators and the effectiveness of the film. Our program continues to receive a number of phone calls, emails from attendees sharing their positive feedback, from individuals who heard about the film asking when it will be shown again, organizations, health departments and schools requesting contact information so they can secure the rights to show it.  Unbelievable film!“

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